What types of adoption are there?

Non-disclosed or closed adoption – this type of adoption limits the birth parents rights and control over their biological child. There is no disclosure of identity and the personal details of the biological parent/s or guardian/s of the child are not known to the prospective parents. They have no control over the child’s adoptive placement or whereabouts. Equally the parents adopting the child know little about the child’s history. In other words, there is no contact or communication between the parties.

Disclosed/open adoption – in this type of adoption the birth parents have more rights as they specify the type of family that they would prefer for the placement of their child. Normally this kind of adoption occurs when the person who wishes to adopt knows the person giving the child up for adoption. The details and identity of the adoptive parents may be disclosed to the biological parent/s and visa versa. In this form of adoption – The birth and adoptive parents normally meet and develop a life-long relationship.

Semi-open adoption – this is a combination between a Closed and an Open adoption. The birth parents will have rights over where their child is placed and will maintain some level of contact; usually letters and photos, but via the adoption agency. The discretion of the adoptive parents however takes precedence.