Crisis Pregnancy

What is a Crisis Pregnancy Centre?

“I think I am pregnant … how can I be sure?”

Crisis Pregnancy Centre’s have been established to offer assistance to every girl and women faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The counselors at these Centre’s will provide you with information and support regarding all options available to you. They are there to equip you to be able to make an informed decision.

Crisis Pregnancy Centre normally provide free pregnancy testing, counseling advise on the options available to you, and emotional and material support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Some centers also have homes for single pregnant women facing difficult situations (Safe Houses/Mothers’ Homes). There are also many homes for abandoned babies.

Services at a Crisis Pregnancy Centre may include:

  • Free confidential pregnancy testing
  • Education about the child in the womb
  • Information on abortion, how it is done, and other options
  • Counseling for the mother, her parents and partner
  • Moral and spiritual support
  • Help and referral for adoption, if necessary.
  • Some Centre’s have homes for unmarried mothers
  • Pre and post-natal guidance
  • Maternity & baby clothes and equipment

With the support and informed guidance from a Crisis Pregnancy Counselor, you should be able make a decision on your way forward and face the future with hope.